This is a Jitsu.Classic documentation. For the lastest version, please visit Read about differences here.

πŸ“œ Configuration

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Extending Jitsu

Destination Extensions
Source Extensions
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Jitsu Internals

Jitsu Server

Deploy to Heroku

Heroku is the easiest way to get started with Jitsu. If you don't have an active Heroku account, signup here

Since Heroku restricts running docker containers inside Heroku apps, Airbyte sources synchronization won't be available. For using Airbyte sources, please use another deploy method.

Getting Running on Heroku

  • Click on the "Deploy to Heroku" button to go to app creation screen.
  • Enter name of your Jitsu app
  • All configuration parameters are optional
  • Click on the "Deploy app" at the bottom of the screen

It may take up to 5 minutes for Heroku to install environment. Please don't refresh you page.

Once completed, you will see two buttons at the bottom of the screen: Manage App and View App.

  • For visit Jitsu, click View App. Also, your can visit Jitsu via <your_app_name> link or from Heroku App page<your_app_name> -> click Open App button in the right corner on of the page.

  • For checking your app details, click Manage App.

After your app is deployed, you can set up your API keys, Destinations and Source connectors on Jitsu UI.

Once Jitsu is set up, place the following code on your web-app. (See our JavaScript SDK 2.0 guide for fine-tuning):

<script src="https://[your_app_name]" data-key="<YOUR_API_KEY_FROM_CONFIGURATOR_UI>" defer>

Upgrade Jitsu version

Once a new Jitsu docker version has been created you can update your Heroku app with the following command set:

By default, Heroku creates app with a free plan. It means that the app is going to sleep if there hasn't been any activity for 30 minutes.

For using Jitsu constantly, we strongly recommend upgrading to at least a Hobby plan:

  • visit your Heroku app resources page<your_app_name>/resources
  • click Change Dyno Type button

By default, Jitsu installs free hobby-dev Heroku Redis add-on to the app. It can be found on the Manage App screen -> Installed add-ons on the<your_app_name> page.

For upgrading Redis plan:

  • visit your Heroku app resources page<your_app>/resources
  • click ↕️ button in the right corner of Heroku Redis in Add-ons section row
  • click Modify Plan

Upgrading process might take some time. Check the status by clicking on the Heroku Redis in Add-ons section.