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Primary Keys Configuration

Primary keys configuration is available only for PostgreSQL and Redshift, but this feature may be implemented for other destinations in the future.

To configure the primary key for the table, you should specify fields that will be used as a key part. For example:

      type: postgres
      mode: stream
        schema: <SCHEMA>
        host: <HOST>
        port: <PORT>
        db: <DATABASE>
        username: <USERNAME>
        password: <YOUR_PASSOWORD>
          - email

According to this config, the primary key will be created based on email field. All events with the same key will be merged, new data will replace fields of older events.

It's also possible to create primary keys with multiple fields (as you can see from the config, primary_key_fields is an array). The following data_layout config creates the primary key based on email and name fields.

    - email
    - name

Primary keys constraint is created with $DB_SCHEMA.$DB_TABLE_pk name, where $DB_SCHEMA - your database schema name and $DB_TABLE - your table name