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JavaScript Transform Key-Value Storage

Introduced in version 1.43.0

Jitsu allows accessing a key-value storage from JavaScript transformations.

During processing of one event you can store some data and access it later while processing another event.

Key value storage can be accessed via $kv global object that implements the following interface:

type KeyValue = {
  // set value for a key. You can provide 'opts' object with 'ttlMs' or 'ttlSec' - time-to-live value in milliseconds or seconds respectively.
  // Value will be automatically deleted after provided time.
  // If 'ttlMs' or 'ttlSec' is not provided, default TTL value configured on storage level will be used. 
  // Default TTL on storage level is 60 days
  set(key: string, value: any, opts?: {ttlMs?: number}|{ttlSec?: number}): Promise<void>
  // get value associated with a key
  get(key: string): Promise<any>
  // delete value associated with a key
  del(key: string): Promise<void>


All key values storage methods are asynchronous and return Promise objects as results. It is important to resolve returned Promise objects with await keyword to avoid unexpected behavior. See an example below.


Managing user sessions:

// generate anonymous user id based on user agent and first 3 octets of IP address
const IP3octets = ($.source_ip??"").split(".", 3).join(".")
const anonymousId = $.user_agent + IP3octets;
// try to get session data from key value storage
let sessionData = await $kv.get(`session_${anonymousId}`);
if (!sessionData) {
  // create a new session if previoud one doesn't exist or expired
  sessionId = Math.random().toString(36).substring(2)
  sessionData = {id: sessionId, start: new Date(), pageViews: 0}
// increment session page views
// store updated session data in key value storage with TTL 30 minutes
await $kv.set(`session_${anonymousId}`, sessionData, {ttlMs: 1000*60*30})
// enrich event with session data
$.session = sessionData
return $;

Server configuration

By default, transform key-value storage uses the same redis credentials that are used for meta storage (the main redis used by jitsu). It is recommended to use a separate redis instance for transform key-value storage to avoid performance issues or memory overflows on main redis. That can be done using TRANSFORM_REDIS_URL environment variables or in server yaml configuration:

    host: localhost
    port: 6379
    database: 1
    ttl_sec: 5184000 # default ttl for all keys