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The PrestaShop source syncs data from the PrestaShop API: Addresses, Carriers, Cart Rules, Carts, Categories, Combinations, Configurations, Contacts, Content Management System, Countries, Currencies, Customer Messages, Customer Threads, Customers, Deliveries, Employees, Groups, Guests, Image Types, Languages, Manufacturers, Messages, Order Carriers, Order Details, Order Histories, Order Invoices, Order Payments, Order Slip, Order States, Orders, Price Ranges, Product Customization Fields, Product Feature Values, Product Features, Product Option Values, Product Suppliers, Products, ShopGroups, ShopUrls, Shops, Specific Price Rules, Specific Prices, States, Stock Availables, Stock Movement Reasons, Stock Movements, Stores, Suppliers, Tags, Tax Rule Groups, Tax Rules, Taxes, Translated Configurations, Weight Ranges, Zones

The source is using Airbyte docker image (@airbyte/source-prestashop). Learn more how Airbyte-based sources work

How to connect

PrestaShop enables merchants to give third-party tools access to their shop’s database through a CRUD API, otherwise called a web service. By default, the webservice feature is disabled on PrestaShop and needs to be switched on before the first use.

Connection Parameters

Shop URL without trailing slash (domain name or IP address)
Your PrestaShop access key. See the docs for info on how to obtain this.