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HTML snippet

Jitsu JS SDK for embedding as HTML snippet. The snippet is a small piece of HTML code that should be added to <head> section of your page. Example:

<script src="" data-key="JITSU_API_KEY" defer></script>
<script>window.jitsu = window.jitsu || (function(){(window.jitsuQ = window.jitsuQ || []).push(arguments);})</script>

The configuration parameters should be passed as data- attributes. The full list of attributes can be found at Parameters Reference page

Use npm or yarn for SPA web applications if possible

Sending data

The snippet sends pageview event automatically. However, this behaviour can be customized:

If you don't want to send pageviews automatically, set data-init-only to "true"

<script src="%%SERVER%%/s/lib.js"
<script>window.jitsu = window.jitsu || (function(){(window.jitsuQ = window.jitsuQ || []).push(arguments);})</script>

Also, you can send data with jitsu(methodName, eventType, optionalData?) calls. Such as:

  • jitsu('id', {id: 'uid', email: ''}) to id a user
  • jitsu('track', 'pageview') to send a specific event

Those calls are identical to jitsu package API. Just instead of jitsu.methodName(...params) you should use jitsu('methodName', ...params)

Persistent properties

Persistent properties are properties that are set once and sent with every track event:

jitsu('set', { project : 'X' })

will make jitsu to send {project: 'X'} with each jitsu('track',...) call. Use:

  • jitsu('set', { project : 'X' }, { eventType: 'pageview' }) to associate properties only with specific event type
  • jitsu('set', { project : 'X' }, { persist: false }) to not persist properties in cookies across sessions

Intercepting Segment events

As Jitsu, can serve as Segment replacement, you can optionally intercept events that has been sent to segment before. Just set data-segment-hook parameter to true and make sure the snippet is placed before Segment optimization.

Also, you should not use defer or async parameter

<script src="JITSU_SERVER/s/lib.js"