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Geo Data resolution

Jitsu looks up geolocation data by IP address during enrichment step. Here's a full list of fields Jitsu could get from the IP address:

  "location": {
    "continent": "North America",
    "country": "US",
    "country_name": "United States",
    "region": "NY",
    "city": "New York",
    "latitude": 40.7809,
    "longitude": -73.9502,
    "zip": "10128",
    "autonomous_system_number": 16509,
    "autonomous_system_organization": "AMAZON-02",
    "organization": "",
    "domain": ""

Please note, latitude and longitude are approximate. They are most likely the coordinates of the center of a city.


Jitsu uses MaxMind databases for doing geo lookup. There are two families of MaxMind databases: GeoIP2 and GeoLite2.

GeoIP2 databases such as GeoIP2-Country, GeoIP2-City, GeoIP2-ISP, GeoIP2-Domain are paid product. You can buy a license on After purchasing, you will receive a license key. You can use the license key Jitsu:

  • Put obtained license key on Jitsu UI β†’ Geo data resolver section (available since 1.37.3 version) if you're using Configurator UI.
  • Or use MAX_MIND_PATH env variable.

GeoLite2 databases such as GeoLite2-Country, GeoLite2-City, GeoLite2-ASN are free. For obtaining them you should just create a free account and generate a license key. Configuration steps are the same as with paid database: either put obtained license key on Jitsu UI β†’ Geo data resolver, or useMAX_MIND_PATH

With the key, Jitsu will download all databases available for the key. If you want to limit the databases, you can specify them as a postfix to Maxmind license key as [key]?edition_id=GeoIP2-City,GeoIP2-ISP

Also, you can point MAX_MIND_PATH environment variable directly to a local file

Configuration with Configurator

MaxMind can be configure with Jitsu

Configuration with env var or config file

If Configurator UI is not used, Jitsu can still be configured to use MaxMind. Use:

MAX_MIND_PATH env variable


Set geo.maxmind_path: path_to_file in eventnative.yaml config file:



#local file
geo.maxmind_path: path_to_file or http://resource.url/path or maxmind://<YOUR_MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY>

The env var (or config param) can accept following values:

  • /path/to/file β€” path to local file (if the DB has been downloaded by other means)
  • http://resource.url/path - path to URL. Jitsu will download it for you and will check for updates once in a few hours
  • maxmind://<YOUR_MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY> - Jitsu will download it from MaxMind servers and check for updates once in a few hours. Since several databases (aka editions) can be available, Jitsu will download all of them
  • maxmind://<YOUR_MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY>?edition_id=db1,db2 - Jitsu will download only listed editions (databases). Available editions are: GeoIP2-Country, GeoLite2-Country, GeoIP2-City, GeoLite2-City, GeoLite2-ASN, GeoIP2-ISP