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1.21.0 - 25 Nov 2020

EventNative 1.21.0 is out! The most significant features:

  1. Anti-AdBlock: EventNative supports URL randomization which allows avoiding Adblockers! Events will be sent through a dynamic endpoint. The setting is off by default, it can be switched on with randomize_url option. Read more about JavaScript configuration Β»
  2. Configurable data enrichment. EventNative has a IP-lookup and User-Agent parser from the beginning. However, before this release IP and User-Agent should be written at hardcoded JSON node path. We made it configurable with Enrichment Rules framework. Read more about Enrichment rules Β»
  3. Data Replay. EventNative writes all erroneous events a separate files. Once the cause of error is fixed, it's possible to send the data for reprocessing. Also, this feature is useful for sending historical data to a new destination. Read more about fallback API Β»

See more detailed changelog on GitHub