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1.28.0 - 15 Feb 2021

EventNative 1.28.1 is out! Here are the biggest changes:

Singer bridge

Singer is an command-line open-source data synronization framework. Singer operates so-called "taps" — an API data extraction scripts. EventNative supports singer taps as sources for pulling data. Each tap is automatically installed in python virtual environment. You won't need to worry about pip packages compatibility!

Read more about Singer configuration »

New sources: GoogleAnalytics, Facebook Marketing and Redis

We added 3 new sources: EventNative now can pull data from Redis, Google Analytics and Facebook Marketing API which is very useful for measuring online ads ROI. Read more about configuration of those sources:

Facebook Pixel API as a destination

EventNative can send data to Facebook Pixel API through backend. It's similar to server-2-server Google Analytics destinations.

Read more about configuration »

Test configuration with dry-run end-point

The end-point allows to test how event JSON is mapped and sent to destination. Read more »

See more detailed changelog on GitHub