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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Extending Jitsu

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Jitsu Internals

Jitsu Server

Release cycle

The next stable version of Jitsu (1.37) is going to be release approximately on 16th of December 2021

At Jitsu, we maintain two streams (or branches) of releases.

  • Stable releases (master branch on GitHub). We make a stable release once in a month.
  • Beta releases (beta on GitHub). Despite the name, we consider beta releases stable enough to power Jitsu.Cloud

Stable Releases

All releases a listed on github. The releases follows 1.[version].[patch] naming convention. We highly recommend to use latest patch. Patches are always 100% backward compatible and contains only bug-fixes.

If you deploy Jitsu with Docker, latest tag will always point to most recent patch. To get notified about patch releases, subscribe on github: Watch (top right corner) β†’ Custom β†’ Releases.

We make major version (1.[version]) once a month. Each version is announced on our blog, twitter, slack and e-mailing list.

Subscribe to any of those channels to follow the news!

Also, list of all major releases is available on a changelog page


Beta releases are built from beta branch on continues basis (usually once in a few days). We consider beta releases stable enough with one exception: we might change the way how certain features are configured. Beta releases are used for running Jitsu.Cloud.

Beta releases are not numbered. Make sure you always use the latest beta release. If you use Docker, beta tag will always point to the latest beta release. Use commands like docker run [...] jitsucom/jitsu:beta to use beta releases.

Once feature becomes is available in beta, the documentation is published right away. The documentation page will be marked with 'available only in beta' banner.