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Global destinations

Introduced in version 1.44.4

In multi-project mode, you can define a 'global destination' that will capture events from all API keys in all projects.

That may be useful for logging purpose or to install the same javascript tag on all managed websites using Tag destination. It helps to avoid repeating the same configurations for each project.

Any destination can be converted to global one.

To do that you need to start Jitsu with environment variable JITSU_GLOBAL_DESTINATIONS set to the comma separated list of destination ids:


After starting Jitsu with provided list of global destination ids, you still can change settings of these destinations in the UI and modify their transformation code.

It may be useful to created separate project for global destinations to avoid mixing them together with normal destinations.


Global destinations is applied for all API keys in all projects. But JavaScript transformation code can be used to filter out events based on the site url or any other event property:

if ($.doc_host === "") {
    //skip applying global destination on
    return null
return $

How to obtain Destination Id

Destination Id consists of two parts: project id and destination id joined by dot, e.g.:


Project Id part can be obtained from the jitsu URL, while destination id can be obtained from the Download Config section of UI:

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