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Google Sheets


The Google Sheets connector pulls data from Google Sheets. Each sheet is treated as separate collection and being synced to separate table

This source is using singer-tap-google-sheets tab. Learn more how Singer-based sources work

How to connect

Following authorization methods are available for Google SheetsYou should also enable Google API for your project. Go to the Google APIs Library page, search Google Sheets API and Google Drive API and make sure they are enabled

1. Obtaining access through OAuth

Jitsu requires 3 parameters for accessing Google Sheets:

Getting client_id and client_secret

  • Go to the API Credentials page
  • Click "+ Create Credentials" ➞ "OAuth client ID" ➞ select Desktop app as application type
  • Note: If you haven't configured OAuth Consent Screen yet, Google asks to configure it. The screen type should be 'External'

Getting refresh_token

Copy Client ID and Client Secret parameters, use them for generating refresh token with jitsucom/oauthcli tool:

./ --client_id=<YOUR CLIENT ID> --client_secret=<YOUR CLIENT SECRET> --scope=''

Connection Parameters

One of: OAuth
(required; default: OAuth)
Jitsu provides two types for authorizing access to Google Services:
  • OAuth β€” you'll need to provide Client Secret / Client Id (you can obtain in in Google Cloud Console) and get a refresh token. Jitsu developed a small CLI utility to obtain those tokens
  • Service Account β€” you'll a) create a service account in Google Cloud Console b) share google resource (such as ocument or analytics property) with this account (account email look like [username] c) put Service Account Key JSON (available in Google Cloud Console) in the field below
(not required)
Use Jitsu OAuth CLI Util to obtain oauth credentials
(not required)
Use Jitsu OAuth CLI Util to obtain oauth credentials
Use Jitsu OAuth CLI Util to obtain oauth credentials
(required; default: 2021-01-01T00:00:00.000Z)