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Jitsu JS SDK

Jitsu JavaScript SDK allows you to send data to Jitsu from web-application. There're two ways how to embed Jitsu into your application:

  • Using npm (or yarn) package manager. This is a preferred way for applications written from scratch with a frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular etc.
  • Using html snippet (also known as 'Pixel' or 'Tracking' code). This is a preferred way for websites and applications built with no-code tools such as Webflow, Wix, Wordpress etc
  • Also, it's possible to use Jitsu react hooks to simplify collecting data from React applications. Those hooks assume that you use react-router.
  • For server-side tracking, read Node.js guide
  • Examples and bindings for other popular frameworks are coming

We have a deprecated version of JS SDK with non-compatible API. If you're looking to migrate to a new API, check out Migration Guide