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Configuration Source

Regardless of the deployment method, Jitsu supports local YAML or JSON file, HTTP source, and raw JSON as configuration sources. The configuration might be passed via -cfg flag (e.g. to running service command from an executable binary) or via CONFIG_LOCATION environment variable.

Local File

Pass local file path with configuration to Jitsu:

./eventnative -cfg /home/user/eventnative.yaml


./eventnative -cfg file:///home/user/eventnative.yaml

HTTP source

Pass external configuration to Jitsu with or without basic auth:

./eventnative -cfg ''

#or in docker deployments

docker run -p <local_port>:8001 \

HTTP source must return JSON or YAML payload with application/json or application/yaml response header respectively.


Pass raw JSON payload to Jitsu:

./eventnative -cfg '{"server":{"name":"test_instance", "auth":"token1"}}'

#or in docker deployments

docker run -p <local_port>:8001 \
  -e CONFIG_LOCATION='{"server":{"name":"test_instance", "auth":"token1"}}' \