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1.32.0 - 23 June 2021

Jitsu 1.32.0 is out! Here are the biggest changes:

WebHook Destination

Send your data to any HTTP destination with Jitsu! You can easily configure sending important events such as purchases, registrations and other conversions into Slack! Also, you can send your data to!

Read more about WebHook Destination »

Segment API compatibility

Do you have already configured Segment library in your application? Start sending events to Jitsu in several minutes! Just set Jitsu endpoint and server secret API token in Segment library initialization. Income events are mapped into Jitsu events structure automatically.

Read more about Segment API »

Improved Setup Experience

We love❤️ our users! When Jitsu is launch for the first time, we'll walk you through all steps to collect your first event.

Simplified configuration for Singer-based connectors

Now it's not required to add catalog.json to connectors which are based on Singer. Jitsu automatically syncs all available streams and fields. Later on we're going to make Singer streams configurable.

See more detailed changelog on GitHub