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Exchange Rates


The exchange rates integration pulls all its data from currency

The source is using Airbyte docker image (@airbyte/source-exchange-rates). Learn more how Airbyte-based sources work

How to connect

In order to get an API Access Key please go to this page and enter needed info. After registration and login you will see your API Access Key, also you may find it here.If you have free subscription plan (you may check it here) this means that you will have 2 limitations: 1000 API calls per month and You won't be able to specify the bas` parameter, meaning that you will be dealing only with default base value which is EUR.

Connection Parameters

Start getting data from that date.
Your API Access Key. See here. The key is case sensitive.
(not required)
ISO reference currency. See here. Free plan doesn't support Source Currency Switching, default base currency is EUR